Money matters, but so are Load

Whew, I have  never been this busy!  After 2 days of blissful seminar/retreat last weekend, it seems it’s back to reality. How wish I could pause time, and just stay there for a while, savoring the moment where you seem to forget all the cares and worries of life. But as they say, Life’s a […]

Money matters, but so are Electricity

Second to my biggest monthly expenses is Electricity. That’s why reducing our energy consumption is on top of my priority list. Educating people in your household to be more conscious of your energy usage is a good way to start. For instance, tell them – better yet instruct them – to turn off electric fans, […]

Money matters, but so are FOOD

All right class. Today will talk about ways on how to save on Food so that whatever saving’s we make will be added to your already malnourished wallet. So, lets begin. No Talking, pay attention or else I’ll give you an F for not listening. One of the biggest monthly expenses I have with my […]