About this page. I created this page as a way of diverting myself form losing my wit. Living on the generosity of others and on prayer,  this page hopefully intends to give a fresh look of making ends meet in the eyes of a person (that’s me) who is in the verge of going broke and is trying hard not to go broke by squeezing something out of the already unreasonable income.
I intend this page to be, Informative, Funny, Insightful and somewhere along the way, sprinkles a little bit of Spirituality. Hope that by reading my blog, — and if you are in the same situation that I am, —  can somehow nudge you to change or make some actions in getting out of the quagmire you are in.
Knowing that somehow this blog has help you is enough reason for me to be happy. So, please do give feedback or comments. Positive, negative, violent reactions/comments are welcome