Money matters, but so are Load

Whew, I have  never been this busy!  After 2 days of blissful seminar/retreat last weekend, it seems it’s back to reality. How wish I could pause time, and just stay there for a while, savoring the moment where you seem to forget all the cares and worries of life. But as they say, Life’s a Bitch – I hope someday it will be “Beach”, and not the latter.

How about we put that as our goal? That in the near future, we will have enough surplus that we can actually afford to go on a vacation – Beach,  Snow or whatever destination you like. But for the time being, let us continue finding ways on how we can add some extra purchasing power in your wallet.

Money matters, but so are Load

Many years ago, there are only 5 basic needs a person need to live. Namely Food, Air, Water, Shelter and Clothing. Fast forward to now, the cell phone has become an indispensable part of the basic needs of the human society. Almost all people that I know of, can’t live without it. (Just don’t quote me on this)basic1

So what better way of looking for ways to save on Cell phone expenses!  One way of doing this is controlling your expenses on cell phone loads. As mentioned in my previous article, I used to buy cellphone load good for a month’s usage. But since I seldom text or call someone (I’ve changed my strategy, as part of cost cutting measures) I just now load my cell phone when the need arises. In this way, I will not be having unused loads expiring on me.

But, if you are the type of persons that uses text or call on a day to day basis, say for example your job requires it or you have a text mate that sends you sweet nothings almost every hour, and you need to reply or else – hell freezes over – then you do exactly the opposite of what I’m doing. Go for those promos that offer you free call and unlimited text to all networks for a number of days. Depending on your budget, there are promos that offers 3, 7, or 30 days unli text or call.

Or, if you are sexy, beautiful, and have the body of a supermodel or if you’re handsome, has the face and body of Brad Pit and have tons and tons of text mates, why not capitalized on your God given beauty – ask your text mates for pasa load (free load). This way you’ll never have to worry ever again about spending for your load. (Since I consider myself a good bro pitChristian, and such advice runs contrary to my belief, this advice didn’t come from me. Somebody just whispered it to me. I think I just save myself a trip to the confessional booth)

Speaking of confession, did you know that last March 1, was the start of Lent? Usually, Lent is a season of conversion. Of deep reflection. Of deepening our spiritual life. It is also a period of  fasting, repentance and alms giving. Every Catholic Christian is encouraged to fast, pray and give alms in this time of Lent.

Other ways to save on loads is to sign up on Social Media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, which is freely available in the internet. Why not use it to connect with your friends instead of using cell phone loads? Nowadays, I doubt if your friends still don’t have a social media account. Even senior citizens have one. If majority of your friends don’t have Facebook or other social media accounts, you might try to seriously consider running a background check on them. Maybe they’re from another planet posing as human beings, plotting their invasion on earth.  Or, maybe your friends work for the Data Privacy Org  zealously guarding our privacy or something.

dilbert privacy

And speaking of Social Media accounts, be very extra careful about those privacy and advertising policy these companies are asking you to check or click yes. There are lots  of new apps bundled in these social media account that are accessing your location, your contacts or your preferences if you are not careful. Some browsers are also tracking your browsing history and other activities within the web – like your browsing history, websites you’ve visited, the number of hours spent online, etc – These companies are trying to sell your information to advertisers by data mining your information. Ever wondered why suddenly an advertisement pops up in your email or your browser that you have a keen interest in?

So, before you start checking or unchecking, read the policy first. Be smart, think before you click.

Use also browsers that have a strong respect for privacy. I use Mozilla Firefox.

OK, back to Money matters, but so are Load. For a moment, I got carried away.

So, where are we? Oh yeah, instead of using your cell phone load to call and talk to somebody, why not visit that person? There’s no better way of showing how important that person is to you than by visiting him/her. Better yet, try visiting when it’s almost lunch time. That way, he’ll be embarrassed not to invite you to lunch. And if it’s been awhile that the you two have hooked up, maybe your friend will ask you to stay for dinner. How about that! It’s like killing two birds with one stone. You get to save on load, and on your food expenses.

One extreme way of saving cell phone load, is to do away entirely with your cell phone. (that is, if you can live without it, which I doubt) Donate your iPhone 7 or Nokia 3310 to charity.  Just like St. Francis of Assisi who abandoned a life of luxury for something more meaningful.

Before I end, let’s try to visualize where you’ll be three months from now, or hopefully less. And if you will be religious in sticking to your budget, your wallet will be out of the emergency room in no time and on its way to the recovery room. My prayer for you is – seeing GREEN and not RED every time you open ace money lite. But in case your income (even though you have already budgeted your expenses down to the very barest) is still not enough to cover for your overhead expenses (just like mine), then my friend I think you need to have an additional source of income.

Let me leave you with a quote from Robert G. Allen

“Like all great people before you, be determined to fail your way to success if necessary”

Next will be talking about Multiple Income Stream (Money matters, and so is Other Source of Income)


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