Money matters, but so are FOOD

All right class. Today will talk about ways on how to save on Food so that whatever saving’s we make will be added to your already malnourished wallet. So, lets begin. No Talking, pay attention or else I’ll give you an F for not listening.

One of the biggest monthly expenses I have with my family is on FOOD. There seems to be no end in sight of prices going up every now and then. As they say, the only thing that is going down is our underwear.

In order to save on food expenses, you will need drastic changes (purposely place there for dramatic impact) on the way you live. Here are some tips that hopefully will help you to save on food costs in your home.

If you are a home body, or doesn’t trust what the restaurants are offering start by cooking only what you think is just the right amount of food needed by you or your family. Don’t cook as if 10 sumo wrestlers will be coming for breakfast. Tendency is, you’ll be left with so many leftover foods. And if you are like many others, working from 9-5 there’s a good chance that that food will go to waste. Food wastage = waste of money that could have been used to fatten your already malnourished wallet.  What I do is, in the morning I usually asked somebody to cook just enough food for all of us. Add some extra for my lunch. Since I’m all by my lonesome I don’t cook lunch anymore. It’s usually in the morning that we are all together – 14 all in all. Nope, we are only 5 people give or take. The rest is dogs which are all undergoing hunger strike. (for cutting on their dog food)  So, what’s left during breakfast, that’s usually what I eat at lunch. In this way, I save on utilities and food expenses.


I have no idea that dogs who are extremely thin, looks like a cat!

There are other ways of minimizing your food expenses. For one, you can make your own vegetable garden. Raise some backyard chicken. That’s one good source of fresh eggs every morning.  Not to mention healthy, free from antibiotics and medicines. For your garden, you don’t really need to have a garden bed. But it would be much better if you have. But if you’re confined to a limited space, a simple pot/container will do.

Even if you are one of those people who love to eat out, or have no time to cook or do backyard gardening and raising. There are still ways that you can save on your food expenses. First off, you can start by ordering only what you can finish. If in case you cannot finish what you’ve ordered, you can always have the option of bringing it home. Taking home leftovers can double as your breakfast, lunch or dinner and save on money. Another way of saving is to bring along companions who is WILLING to share on the expenses. Ordering large meals or Special Family sized meals and then sharing it with them.

But if you can do away with it – eating out – that would be much better

Remember, eating out is rather expensive if you are on a tight budget, even more true if you have a big family.  According to The Wall Street Journal, to make a profit, a restaurant generally has to charge about four times as much for a dish as it paid for the ingredients.

But if you really cannot find a way out of it, the best way is to make smart decisions from choosing what to order down to the size of your order.  Remember by making smart decisions, you’re not only cutting down on your expenses, you are also minimizing what Pope Francis calls the “Culture of Waste”.

Just imagine a report from UN World Food Program states that, “795 million people – one in nine – still go to bed on an empty stomach each night. Even more – one in three – suffer from some form of malnutrition”.

Just think about it, your mere actions of looking for ways on how to save on food expenses might just help in ways in feeding the hungry. Who knows.


Let me leave you with a quote from Pope Francis:

“Let us remember well, however, that whenever food is thrown out, it is as if it were stolen from the table of the poor, from the hungry!”

….Let them know that someone cares (from the lyrics of We are the World – USA for Africa)

Next will be talking about how to save on Utilities (Money matters but so are Electricity)


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